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David Flawn

David Flawn

Sales Representative
About David Flawn

David thinks Toronto is a world class city with tremendous real estate opportunities. He says the diversity and value of the Toronto market is second to none. After finishing an Honors BA in Economics from York University, David worked extensively in the IT industry throughout the world. David’s strong talent for analysis and insight combined with a collaborative and inquisitive style have made the transition to the world of real estate easy and productive. He is hardworking, kind and patient and has a great ability to connect with people. His favorite neighbourhood is Yorkville, where he has lived for several years and he is really excited to see what the recent development of the area brings, particularly to the corner of Yonge and Bloor. David is a keen outdoorsman who loves running, alpine hiking and sailing, if you don’t find him in the great outdoors he’ll be in the kitchen or the woodworking shop.

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