Veronika Zykova

Veronika Zykova

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"Veronika is everything my wife and I hoped for in a real estate agent. When we didn't find what we needed in the neighbourhood we selected, she found us something that was perfect in another part of town. The new location was perfect for our needs – better than the neighbourhood we selected ourselves. She helped us through the offering and counter process, gave us good advice when we needed it, calmed us when we became anxious and motivated us when we found it hard to continue. Veronika is a jewel, I recommend her to anyone needing real estate assistance. You really can’t do better."

-Hank Bulmash, CPA, CA, MBA, TEP

"We could not have asked for a better realtor to guide us through the process when we bought our first house in Toronto. The professionalism, service and personal attention that we received from Veronika Zykova was exceptional. Her knowledge of the local market helped us in our search for our home. After patiently going through listings and explaining details with us, she made sure we get the best offer. And later when we had our house out to be rented, Veronika once again performed exceptionally well, doing way beyond what any realtor we know would even consider. So, regardless of whether you are buying, selling or renting out your place, we can certainly vouch that Veronika is the best efficient professional person to help you in this life changing situation. It is without doubt, Veronika being her intelligent self, she does listen, understand and will deliver the personal attention should you be fortunate enough to have her as your “property guru”. Thank you Veronika for making our lives smoother."

-Dr. Randell Leong & Ms Julianna Wu

"Teeluck and I want to extend our gratitude to you for providing us with service that exceeded our expectation. It was never too early or too late to reach you. We appreciated your flexibility to work around our schedule. You were very patient with us during the entire process. We felt very comfortable to approach you for advise and with any questions we had. We are enjoying our new home. Thank you immensely! We would definitely love to do business with you in the future should the need arise. We wish you all the best."

-Teeluck Samlalsingh and Sandra Harry

"Buying a first house is, with no doubt, one of the most accelerating and overwhelming experiences. So much information and details to assimilate in a short period of time leading to a big decision and hopefully purchasing the perfect HOME. This is when having a good real estate agent makes the difference. Luckily we met Veronika and she took care of the search for us, considering what we wanted and our budget she made arrangements and got us to see beautiful properties with great potential, going back and forth with the sellers/broker agent/home inspection specialist /lawyers was so easy it seemed unreal. Her assistant, guidance and advice contributed incredibly, and we owe her the joy of owning our first house in Canada” MUCHAS GRACIAS VERONIKA

-Liliana Fundora & Osmany Velunza

"I truly appreciate your effort put into searching for the perfect home for me. With a busy work schedule, communicating with you was efficient and effective. During the housing hunt, reaction time on listings was unparalleled. I could send out a list to you without hesitation and know that I would be made a priority for viewing. With a constant communication and feedback via. texts, calls and/or emails I was able to enjoy searching and finally finding my condo without the frustration. It's high reactive and fast pace market- to be able to find something in under 6 month was amazing"

-Hira Khan

"I couldn't have asked for a better agent than Veronika. I was moving to the UK at the time and needed to sell my downtown loft. Veronika was able to sell it within a couple of weeks and got me a short closing like I wanted. Needless to say very happy, still in contact and I would refer her to anyone needing a realtor in Toronto."

-Kayla Woolcott

"Buying a new house is very challenging for us especially that my husband is the only one working. But with the knowledge and professionalism of Veronika, she was able to find properties that met our criteria.The entire process was really challenging but we learned a lot with the help and expertise of Veronika. We highly recommend Veronika Zykova with her excellent services to all our family and friends looking to buy or sell properties."

-Fritzie and Antonio Suguitan

"Veronika is always wonderful to work with. My family has purchased and sold with her on a number of occasions. We refer our friends and relatives to her since we know she will not let us down. She is knowledgable and we trust her opinion, she really does understand what you want in home. We found Veronika knows the Toronto market and neighbourhoods well and always brings me researched data to defend her points when we are purchasing either personal or investment. I can catch her at any time of the day to speak about a matter, if she is busy she always phones back in prompt timing - this is important also to note for those first time buyers. Those purchasing for first time, you need to find a realtor that will take away the anxiety and stress of home shopping. It can all be overwhelming. Thank you."

-Ari M.

"I found a condominium with Veronika in one week! I didn't expect to purchase so quickly, but I'm glad I did, especially looking at how the market is now. The whole process was very organized and efficient with her. She is really on top of her work and clients at all times. I could always call her, ask her questions. She helped suggest contractors and painters for me after closing. Which is a great quality to know she's there for me even after I move in. We went to view a few options she chose from me and that day I found the place I wanted to live with my children. It is a larger unit, south facing and in the location I told her I preferred to stay in. During the viewing she explained all the positives of the unit and touched on the negatives as well. Asking me of my final decision and how “I” felt about the place. I grabbed it because it was a good deal. Now whenever I speak with her or I check the condo market myself, I don't find anything close to what I bought it originally. The market seemed to have really picked up this season so I'm very pleased I bought at the time that I did. All the best!

-Vita Shtivelman

Veronika was the perfect real estate agent to help me find my first home. She was attentive to my thoughts and concerns throughout the process, and always made me feel understood. She constantly sent me listings that she thought could work for me, and she was always willing to go above and beyond if I ever needed anything during this process. During my first day of showings we saw six units, and eventually one of these units became my new home. She was especially great at looking for the smaller issues in the units that would need to be fixed by the seller, I really appreciated this. She took photos, tested everything in the units, talked to the seller's agent, the lawyer and really tried to make the process smooth. Her eye for interior design also made the showings very easy, as she easily helped me imagine what my future home could look like. During the closing process, she was always prepared to discuss my concerns and book a showing with me any time of day. She was constantly determined to address even the smallest of problems, with my best interest in mind. Overall, she made the process of buying my first home very smooth and easy to understand. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.

-Victoria Donko
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