Azal Ilamy

Azal Ilamy

Sales Representative
About Azal Ilamy

Azal received her Masters of arts in linguistics in Iran and upon moving to Canada in 2015, she started working in customer service and focused on learning and immersing herself in the community. Serving in the customer service industry for 2 years allowed her to develop remarkable communication skills and to discover her passion for sales. With over 3 years of experience in the banking industry as a mortgage specialist, Azal has acquired extensive knowledge to educate her clients regarding different types of mortgages and assist them in making the right decision about their mortgage when purchasing a property. Azal’s incredible drive for growth and strong passion for sales propelled her to pursue her career in the Real Estate industry. With a love for novelty and challenge, Azal loves that every day in real estate brings a different set of clients, challenges and opportunities. Azal is specialized in downtown and North York area. Her professionalism, compassion and commitment to excellence provides a unique experience for her clients which always exceeds their expectations. She strives to deliver world class service to her clients and create a positive and enjoyable experience for them. In her spare time, she can be found in the gym or enjoying a cup of coffee in her favourite cafe' with her friends.


"Azal is super friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and might be the most hardworking person that you'll ever come across. It's a true pleasure to work with her. Thank you!"

-Soroush Bi

"Azal is a very professional and patient agent. She has gone above and beyond with her service. Other than that, she is also very knowledgeable and understanding. I also really appreciate her flexibility in term of the locations and scheduling. I can't recommend her enough and she deserves much more. Highly recommended!"

-Shirin Dastpak